Who better to get decor tips from than an HGTV star and media mogul? This Joanna Gaines’ design hack is simple, sleek and stylish—and you can totally copy it. Here’s how!


When it comes down to it, Gaines knows what she’s doing in the decorative sense. So if you’re looking to redo a room, take a tip from the designer and try one of her fave tricks by using repeating patterns within a room. This doesn’t mean you need to make the room majorly match-y; instead, carry one precise pattern throughout the entire space selectively.

Gaines suggests echoing one pattern in several different areas. Instead of repeating the same shape over and over again, use similar patterns. Don’t worry if you aren’t into wallpapering your space or don’t have the budget to buy new furniture. Echo your area rug’s pattern in a throw pillow, window treatments or any other awesome accent!

We love this super simple way to do a quick seasonal refresh—without breaking the bank.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Chip Gaines via Instagram 



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