Red Tricycle, the local online parenting website, is growing at a fast pace. This year, we’re looking to launch in new cities, as well as deepen our reach in existing markets. This kind of growth means that there are more stories to assign and coordinate, more traffic patterns to monitor, and subscribers (and readers and bloggers) to make happy. We’re looking for someone who is passionate, driven and has a deep desire to “own” the job of Red Tricycle managing editor, creating the voice and tone of the Red Tricycle brand across all medium as we continue our expansion.

The successful candidate will be extremely well-organzied, thrive on multi-tasking and enjoy tackling a variety of projects large and small, including the following:

  • Manage story assignments, trafficking, and publishing posts for all freelance writers in all markets (15-20 stories per week).
  • Manage partner content (5-10 stories per week)
  • Supervise all Calendar Editors
  • Work with Web Administrator on Newsletter content
  • Hire, supervise and manage editorial interns
  • Refresh Content and Seasonal Stories
  • Review website traffic growth, newsletter click-thrus, and social shares for each article each week to strategize on new story ideas and newsletter headlines that will optimize traffic to site.
  • Share newsletter clicks, individual article web traffic and social media shares with writers. Working with CEO to develop incentive program for editorial traffic bonuses.
  • Fact-check and edit for RT style all marketing posts
  • Work with Social Media manager to review and approve weekly Social Media Posts
  • Write or assign  in-house copy.

Additionally, the Managing Editor will be responsible following most parenting media sites (as well as Facebook and twitter) and keeping his/her finger on the pulse of trending topics and media trends, and for negotiating content cross-promotion with relevant partners. This is a full-time job based out of our Sausalito, Ca office.

This is a big job with an entry-level salary. As an early stage start-up, we have been boot-strapping it for the past 2 years (profitably) as we head toward a Series A round of financing in the next 6-8 months. Do an amazing job and become an integral part of our team and you could see a significant jump in your salary over the next 12 months. Minimally, you will learn a whole lot, earn your editing chops and understand the full scope of responsibilities associated with running a digital media company including SEO, traffic drivers, content partnerships, social media and more.

We’re a fun, passionate team, looking for an equally passionate, talented editor to join us. Hungry new journalists eager to “own” a project and earn their street cred are encouraged to apply.

This is NOT a telecommuting position.

To apply, email us your cover letter and resume with “Managing Editor” in the subject line.