Last summer, dad of three Donte Palmer made headlines when his viral diaper changing photo illustrated just how much resources are lacking for dads when it comes to diaper duty. Now Pampers has teamed up with John Legend to give more dads a helping hand.

Pampers has just announced that it will be installing 5,000 diaper changing stations in men’s restrooms across the country over the next two years. Award-winning singer and dad of two, Legend has teamed up with the diaper company to help promote the much-needed initiative with a new ad.

As Legend explains in the video, Palmer’s photo of himself squatting down in a public restroom in order to change his son on his lap is what inspired the movement, which he hashtaged #SquatForChange.

Dads are taking a more active role in parenting than with generations past and it’s about time that society caught up to the changes. Unlike women’s restrooms, most men’s restrooms are not equipped with changing tables, but now thanks to Palmer and Pampers more men will have access to the resources they need to parent their kids.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pampers via YouTube



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