Digital Content Writer

Red Tricycle is looking for a talented writer to join our team and contribute timely, fresh, and fun stories for our online communities. Our audience wants to laugh, be engaged, and stay informed about everything trending in the parenting universe.

You’ll be responsible for finding topics based on what’s trending or clickable on Facebook and creating 25 (per week) timely, short-form articles for use primarily on Facebook. We are not looking for first person content. Witty, highly relatable humor is a must. Here are a few examples of what we’re looking for:

  • Interesting parenting-related studies (“New Study Shows Moms Need a Full Year for Recovery After Giving Birth”)
  • Click-worthy trending articles (product recalls, celeb parenting/baby news)
  • Funny posts (“14 products from the 90s we secretly wish were still around” or compilations of hilarious parenting tweets/memes centered around common themes)
  • User Generated Content (you tell us what to ask our audience, you create posts based off their answers)

The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills (both written and verbal), be highly organized, self-motivated, totally in-tune with the digital media parenting space (what’s new, what’s cool, what’s so last year) and possess a keen desire to excel. This position reports directly to Red Tricycle’s Marketing Director.

The ideal candidate must:

  • Possess an excellent gut instinct about what makes parents click and engage, especially on Facebook
  • Have a keen understanding of the parenting universe, including what parents will think is hilarious and what’ll have them at each other’s throats
  • Know how to write super-clickable headlines
  • Have the ability to provide 20-30 headline/content suggestions per week
  • Know where to find what’s trending and about to trend on social media, beyond their own Facebook account. Must be familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, and Tumblr
  • Be able to use WordPress like a black-belt ninja
  • Have a firm grasp of the English language, excellent grammar and punctuation skills…and, have the ability to adapt their writing style to the Red Tricycle editorial brand.
  • Be active in the writing and blogging community with published work (either print or online) – being able to take pictures is a big plus!

You must also have the following attributes:

  • A self starter, able to work on your own with a given set of instructions
  • Have the ability to be flexible, creative, self-sufficient and a team player
  • You must be a master of finding random information on the internet
  • You may not be a mindreader, but you can certainly figure stuff out on your own
  • Outstanding attention to details
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills and ability to meet deadlines
  • Outgoing, positive attitude, highly self-motivated, self-sufficient, and confident

About Red Tricycle:

Red Tricycle fuels the parenting universe with daily inspiration for family fun. We believe the best memories are created when families do fun things together and we believe every day is an opportunity to create new stories. Our mission is to help every parent feel like a rock star by inspiring them to do fun things with their kids. Each month Red Tricycle reaches twelve million parents with ideas that are aspirational and actionable that you can do at home, in your city or wherever your adventures take you.

To apply, please email our Marketing Director at In addition to a resume and cover letter, please include 5 headlines of articles you’d propose to write. To get a feel for our audience, check out our Facebook page.