Is your pint-sized astronomer obsessed with anything having to do with outer space? If so, or if you’re just want to take in a super-sized celestial show, look up! According to NASA, Jupiter is at its biggest and brightest this June.

The largest planet in the solar system will rise at dusk and stay visible all night long for most of the month. This means your fam has the perfect opportunity to view the gas giant—even if you don’t own a telescope.

If you do happen to have a telescope (or even binoculars) on hand, go ahead and set it up. The magnified view will give you a look at Jupiter, its four largest moons and possibly even its big red spot.

Along with the awesome astronomy action going on with Jupiter this month, you can also catch a glimpse of Mars and Mercury. The two planets will come close together for a post-sunset sky show on Jun. 17 and 18.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: EvgeniT via Pixabay



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