Every baseball fan dreads rain delays, especially if you happen to be sitting in the stands when it happens. Snow delays on the other hand are a much rarer occurrence, and by the looks of this video, a whole lot more fun.

This game took place in Boiling Springs, NC, which apparently is much colder than where the Red Tricycle headquarters is on the sunny West Coast. While waiting to hear whether or not the game was going to be cancelled, players from both Dayton and Gardner-Webb baseball teams realized they were surrounded with plenty of ammo for an impromptu snowball fight.

After a few volleys, the teams engage in full-on frozen warfare, and though the fight is short-lived, it looks like both teams battled bravely. Though, we can’t say we’d want to be standing on the receiving end of a snowball thrown by any of these collegiate pitchers!

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— Scott Wardell