What could be better than a gender reveal from Justin Timberlake? Seriously. The pop star, super-celeb and (of course) dad helped a fan out during his Man of the Woods concert tour—turning what’s already a major moment into something simply spectacular.

When mama-to-be Maddie Putrino went to Timberlake’s concert in Albany, New York, she had high hopes that the pop star would help her reveal a very special secret. Instead of throwing a big ol’ gender reveal party, Putrino made a sign that read, “Justin, gender reveal selfie? Young Man or Senorita.”

Hey, the same tactic worked for another pregnant mommy, Darcell Baxtresser. During Timberlake’s Detroit show Baxtresser held up a sign that said, “Will you help me announce my pregnancy?” And that’s exactly what Timberlake did!

Given Baxtresser’s success, it’s no surprise that Timberlake helped Putrino, out too. Even though her sign only asked for a selfie, the singer did much, much more. Reportedly, Timberlake actually stopped the concert to announce Putrino’s baby’s gender.

Before spilling the big announcement, Timberlake asked the audience, “Here’s the reveal, can I get a drum role please?”

So is the baby a Young Man or a Señorita? While on stage Timberlake opened a piece of baby that read, “It’s a Girl!!” Aww. We’re guessing with all the excitement Putrino “can’t stop the feeling” of this superstar gender reveal anytime soon.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Justin Timberlake via Instagram



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