It’s almost time for the Super Bowl, which means even non-football fans are getting ready for the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show. After 14 years, singer Justin Timberlake returns to the Super Bowl Halftime stage—this year sans Janet Jackson and hopefully without any wardrobe malfunctions, either. But on Friday, the 37-year-old singer and father of one had a pretty startling comment about football during the Super Bowl LII press event. Speaking about his almost three-year-old son, Silas, Timberlake said, “He will never play football.”

Cue: awkward glances from everyone assembled, because he was speaking at an National Football League press conference for football’s biggest game of the year. At no point did Timberlake try to backpedal, but did follow up to say that his “main objective” was to ensure his son grows up to “become a great person” and that if Silas wanted to get into the arts or sports, he “would fully support that.” He then gracefully pivoted his response to focusing on his son’s manners. (#sly #smooth #wow)

Twitter had some thoughts.

Unfortunately, there was no follow-up question tossed Timberlake’s way, which means fans weren’t privy to further commentary about the NFL’s concussion and CTE problem. In addition Timberlake’s comments and  mounting pressure on the NFL to protect its players, recently several former NFL players publicly urged that peewee tackle football should end as a sport.

What do you think about JT’s comments about his son and football? Are you watching the Super Bowl for the ads, Timberlake’s Halftime show or for the actual game itself? Sound off in the comments.

—Keiko Zoll



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