Does it seem like every Kardashian/Jenner is preggo (or at least having a baby)? That’s probably because of the major amounts of Kylie and Khloe hype. Hey, Kim’s having a baby, too. But that’s somehow not exactly on the same level as her sisters’ unconfirmed pregnancies. Hmm. Maybe we all like rumors more than facts. Whatever the reason is, it seems like everyone (or at least the Internet) is obsessed with Insta-stalking Kylie and Khloe, looking for signs of bumps. And with the holidays quickly approaching, it seems like the bump watch has moved from IG to the Kardashian Christmas card!

The Kardashian clan is always trying to “keep up” with themselves (because really, who could compare?) and totally outdo what they’ve already done. And their annual family holiday card is no different.

With Kylie and Khloe have still yet to confirm both of their pregnancy rumors, it’s possible that the card will be what we’ve all been waiting for — proof of pregnancy. Umm no, we don’t mean a positive test. They can both keep the little pink plus sign, double purple line or whatever response they got to themselves.

What fans are looking for is a pretty pic of two bulging belly baby bellies. But we all still have some waiting to do. Kim’s been Instagramming bits and pieces of the family Christmas card, “25 Days of Christmas” style. Other than part of a tree, some pretty plain packages, Kourt and some pure kiddo adorableness, there’s no sign of the complete card.

Do you think Kylie and Khloe will reveal their pregnancies in the family Christmas card? Share your opinion in the comments below.