Celebs are multi-tasking mamas, too—and a recent photo of Kate Hudson breastfeeding while working out is a prime example.

The new mama is working to get back into her pre-baby shape, but her workouts won’t stop the celebrity mama from hanging with her newest kiddo. Hudson’s friend Erin Foster captured a recent exercise adventure on her Instagram Stories. The clips feature Hudson’s tech-forward Mirror workout. But that’s not all.

As Hudson gets her sweat on, she stops to breastfeed baby Rani Rose. Instead of staying seated to nurse her daughter, Hudson continues her workout—while breastfeeding! Sure, exercising is tough enough for most of new mamas. But adding in nursing too? And at the same time? Whoa. We’ve got mad respect for Hudson and her awesome abilities.

Along with the sweet mommy-daughter images, Foster wrote, “Motherhood doesn’t slow us down.” Hmm. Looking at Hudson’s breastfeeding-workout combo session, this statement is definitely true! Even though the actress may have taken a brief break to sit down and nurse little Rani Rose, she kept right on going—giving us total mama inspiration.

—Erica Loop

All photos: Erin Foster via Instagram/Featured photo: Kate Hudson via Instagram



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