Soon-to-be new mama Kate Hudson appeared on The Ellen Show on Thursday, along with her own mom. Ready to give birth at almost any moment, the actress dished on what her mom, Goldie Hawn, did during Hudson’s long labor with son Bingham.

Sometimes a girl needs her mom. And sometimes that need happens during childbirth. Now seven, Bingham is Hudson’s youngest (and soon to be middle) child. When Hudson gave birth to Bingham in 2011, Hawn may not have been the most doting of moms as her daughter labored…for 18 hours.

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When Hudson gave birth to Bingham, Hawn was a bit less than present. To Hawn’s defense, Hudson did labor for 18 hours, and that’s a pretty long time to sit by someone’s side and hold their hand. (Even if that someone is your daughter.)

Hawn confessed that she got hungry during the long labor and left to get something to eat. The grandma-in-waiting came back to the L & D room with pizza and Doritos!

Oh, but the story gets better from there. Hawn also decided that she might have time to take a swim and have a massage before the baby’s birth. Yep, Hudson ended up having to ask the nurse how long she would be in labor—just in case her mom wanted to get in a quick swim first!

Hudson is due with a baby number three, a girl, any day now—no word yet on whether or not Hawn has her swim class schedule on hold in the meantime.

—Erica Loop

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