Halloween has come and gone. But the candy is here to stay. Oh the candy. There’s so much candy. Okay, so you’re secretly (and stealthily) stealing a few pieces here and there — especially while the kiddos are in school. And in your mind, you’re thinking, “At least if I eat the candy, the kids won’t. Right?” Kind of. Well, actress Kate Hudson has a hilarious hack for keeping the kids Halloween treat-taking down to a minimum. Check out Hudson’s trick-or-treating “trick” for stopping the mad candy rush.

Hudson recently posted a video on Instagram that was way more trick than treat. At least, for the unsuspecting kids in the clip. The actress posted, “Figured out how to keep the kids from eating too much Halloween candy.” And boy did she.

Pictured in the video is a scarecrow, holding a bowl of candy. Okay. It looks like any Halloween display. You’ve probably trick or treated up to a similar scene plenty of times. Sure, it all looks completely innocent. And that’s why these candy-loving kids went right up to the scarecrow.

Let’s not forget that “scarecrow” starts with the word “scare.” That’s exactly what this Halloween display gave the kids in Hudson’s video — keeping them away from the candy.

Do you have a way to keep your kids away from the Halloween candy? Share your hack in the comments below.