photo: Kate Hudson via Instagram

Mmmmm… chocolate. Not so fast. We’ve all had our share of mom fails, but the epic “Oops!” shared by Kate Hudson on her Instagram account is a classic.

Kate recently shared the “secret” recipe for the above concoction, which was created by her sister-in-law Erinn Hudson. And while the perfectly-browned dish does look delicious —  looks can be deceiving.

Give it a try: It’s super-easy to make! In fact, you’ve probably already made it at least once.

Here’s what you do, according to Erinn:

“First take the pizza out of the box
Set the oven to 375
Pour a glass of wine
Place the pizza in the oven
DO NOT set timer
Sip your wine
Recommended cooking time is 12 to 14 minutes
I say wait a good hour to get this perfect deep dark brown color
Or wait until you’re hungry kids come and ask when the pizza will be ready… 🙈
Drink more wine.”

Has this happened to you? Tell us in the comments below.