Heading back to school is an exciting time for kids and their parents. In fact, it was so exciting for Grey’s Anatomy star and mom of two Katherine Heigl that she decided to make up a cheer about it.

On the drive to school with her daughters Adalaide Marie Hope, seven, and Naleigh Mi-Eun, 10, Heigl surprised them with a serenade of a little chant she had made up herself. “My name is Nay Nay, I’m 10 years old. Today’s my first day, of middle school…” she belts out. While Naleigh seems happy to at least entertain her mom, Adelaide is clearly not as impressed.

As the video continues in the post Heigl later shared to Instagram, dad Josh Kelly chimes in with the closing verse. The look of amusement mingled with embarrassment on both girls faces is one all parents can relate to at one time or another. Luckily for the girls, as Heigl explains in the caption, “I did not do this in front of their classmates.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Katherine Heigl via Instagram



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