Whether you’ve mastered your kid’s favorite mac and cheese recipe or you’re an expert at creating the perfect pancake, even the most talented chefs have a tough time with the dreaded school lunch. Food writer and nutritionist extraordinaire Katie Sullivan Morford knows a thing or two about school lunches and the challenges that go along with whipping up healthy and delicious meals fast in the morning. In her new cookbook Best Lunch Box Ever, Katie helps combat the lunch box rut with some creative, nutritious, and (best of all) delicious ideas and recipes.

Using her expertise as a registered dietitian, culinary writer, and cooking teacher (what doesn’t she do?!), Katie hopes to provide readers with simple tips and tricks to packing the perfect lunch. Just like on her super popular food blog Mom’s Kitchen Handbook, Katie’s recipes, ideas, and meals come from her desire to share what she’s learned by cooking for her own three daughters. With all the fried food options and packaged snacks out there, Katie prefers to focus on healthy, clean ingredients and simple preparation to nourish her little ones, not just fill them up. Plus, with over 4,000 packed lunches under her belt, Katie is clearly an expert.

While we absolutely adore Katie’s food blog, her cookbook offers a ton of awesome new suggestions for wholesome, homemade lunches. Katie’s recipes are super simple, quick, and healthy, and even your pickiest eaters will love her delicious options. The perfectly organized book is broken down into sections for Mains, Sides, and After School snacks, with each category sub-divided into various menu ideas. From original salad recipes, like the Kiddie Cobb Salad, to ingenious ideas for healthy desserts, like her creative Cinnamon Wonton Crisps, Katie’s recipes are guaranteed to please.

The fabulous foodie even includes two chapters on Brown Bag Basics, with ingredient info and nutrition basics, and Getting the Job Done, which includes kitchen staples and meal-planning advice. With all these extra tips and tricks for healthful eating, Katie instills the perfect foundation for helping parents everywhere with the impossible task. Her thoughtfully organized book even offers gorgeous photos of the various recipes for an easy visual when you’re busy assembling.

With her delicious recipes and awesome advice, Katie’s cookbook is perfect for aiding busy moms and dads with their lunch packing labors. You’ll never have to dish out lunch money again.

Bonus: Katie graciously shared with us two recipes from her new book. Check out Kiddie Cobb Salad by clicking here and Cinnamon Wonton Crisps by clicking here. Your kids will thank you.

Available: $24.95 at chroniclebooks.com

What’s your kiddo’s favorite packed lunch? Share your ideas for school lunches in the comments section below. 

— Claire Schillings, who’s pursuing a career in amateur book photography.