While that bird on the box is a bonafide cereal mascot, the new Mermaid Froot Loops are making us forget about Toucan Sam. But this magical morning treat, available at Costco and Aldi stores, comes with a major catch.

Before you pack the kiddos into the car and rush to the nearest Costco or Aldi to grab with a case of mermaid madness, slow your roll: this limited-edition cereal is only currently available in Australia.

Even though Australian mermaid enthusiasts are the only shoppers who can score this sweet cereal, we do have some info on the fab Froot Loop variety. Instead of the rainbow of cereal o-shapes,  the Mermaid loops are yellow, green and purple. Instead of Toucan Sam adorning the front of the package, the special-edition version features—as expected—a mermaid.

So when will we get this tasty morning treat stateside? As of now there’s no news on when, or if, Mermaid Fruit Loops will make its way from Australia to the United States.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: m01229 via Flickr



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