What’s better than a beautiful bedtime story? How about one that’s sung by Kelly Clarkson. Kotb’s new children’s book, I’ve Loved You Since Forever, is now an inspiring lullaby you’ll want to play over and over again.

TODAY Show anchor Hoda Kotb wrote a wonderful storybook inspired by her 1-year-old daughter Haley Joy. The poetic text is all about the loving bond between a parent and baby, which lends itself perfectly to a song. Kotb thought her new book would make a great lullaby and there was only one musical artist she could imagine singing her words. “Wouldn’t that be cool if someone could sing the book and one name came to mind: Kelly Clarkson,” said Kotb.

She joined Clarkson for a recording session and added her own little touch as she shook a rattle in tune with the song. “I made it more like a lullaby, like James Taylor, like there’s kind of some Patty Griffin in it,” Clarkson explained. “I hope we do it justice.”

You can download the song now on Apple or Amazon, but make sure you break out the tissues before you hit play because you will need them. Proceeds from the song downloads will be donated to Helpusadopt.org.

What’s your favorite lullaby? Share the tunes you like to sing to your little one in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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