Mom jeans are trendy now (believe it), but there’s nothing like your old favorite pair of blues. You know — the ones you’ve had forever but can’t part with, even though they’re a size too small. The ones you still want to wear when you’re pregnant or after you had a baby. Well, hold on to that button fly, because a new tool lets you rock jeans that are too small for you … and look great doing it. Meet Kevel, the little tie that every new mom should own.


What It Is
Kevel is a little elastic tie that fits in the palm of your hand. It allows you to wear your jeans unbuttoned (and even slightly unzipped) by anchoring the zipper handle to the button. Mom Rachel Kearl invented it when she was trying to preserve a favorite pair of jeans. She worked on a fix for the faulty fly and used a modified hair band as the first prototype. It’s easy to attach: Just insert the non-elastic string through your zipper handle hole and anchor the rubber piece to your button. Then loop the elastic string through the button hole and pull it back and over the button. It works like a charm.


Three Styles to Try
Kevel Mommy secures your zipper and expands your waistline for the beginning stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy, so you can transition out of — and back into — your favorite jeans on your terms. Kevel Perfect Fit does essentially the same thing and comes in handy if your jeans shrink or you put on a few extra pounds. Kevel Fly Tie is a small loop that secures the zipper of jeans, pants and skirts in the up-and-closed position, and is a great pinch hitter if your zipper tends to slide down.

All three styles of Kevel are available online at Mommy Kevel is $16.99, Perfect Fit is $14.99 and Fly Tie is $9.99.

What do you think — genius invention or gimmick? Let us know in the Comments!

— Kelly Aiglon