Gone are the days when formal living rooms reigned and kids (and their stuff) were relegated to the corners of the house. Today, home design takes into consideration the adults as much as the under five-foot crowd, and we have to say, we are loving these kid-friendly home decor trends. From peel-and-stick wallpaper to paint that encourages you and your kids to doodle on the walls, we aren’t sure we’ll ever go back to the way things used to be designed. Check out our favorite home trends below!

Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Time to kiss messy paint projects goodbye! Now you can achieve that coveted, designer-approved accent wall in just a few short hours with A New Wall's self-adhesive whimsical wallpaper that looks as chic in the living room as they do in a baby's nursery. The panels come with a sticky back, and since you are already well-versed in the art of stickers, placing these panels on your wall is easy peasy.

To buy: A New Wall Desert Cactus Wallpaper, $419


Chalkboard Paint

Black paint is having a moment (see this recent article in The Washington Post), but why not make the paint work double-duty as a welcoming spot to draw and doodle, like Old Salt Farm did in their kitchen? We like Benjamin Moore's Ben Chalkboard Paint that's zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) and low odor. Pro-tip: Technically this acrylic-based topcoat paint can be tinted to be any color and still work as a friendly, chalk-writing surface, but nothing says classic like good old black.

To buy: Benjamine Moore Chalkboard Paint, $20

Indoor Swing

Who says the living room can't double as a playground? Indoor swings are having a moment—from hanging egg chairs and the like—and we couldn't be happier. The best part? Kid's can't ever say they're bored or claim it's too cold to play on the swingset outside. Just don't blame us if this is the most sought-after seat in the house from both kids and the adults.

To make: Chris Loves Julia DIY Swing

Flor Tiles

Rugs and kids don't usually mix—so many spills, so many stains. Enter Flor to the rescue! Not only did this company solve the age-old housekeeping problem (easy-to-clean floor tiles easily pull up and can be rinsed off in the sink) but they make carpet tiles that come in so many colors and designs, you'll feel like a veritable interior designer creating custom rugs that fit both your home and style.

To buy: Flor Tiles, starting at $6 per tile

Plants Galore

Indoor plants are having a moment and for good reason. They improve air quality, humidity levels, and have been shown to make people calmer and happier. Add a couple kid-friendly versions like a Boston Fern, African Violet, or a Curly Spider plant to bedrooms and around the house to maximize the eco-friendly effects. And of course, while those toddlers and babies are small, keep them up and out of the way, but as your kids get older, they can take on the responsibility of caring for their plant on their own. Parenting win!

Ready to get your own biophilia-style home started, but lost among all the leafy choices? Bloomscape.com will walk you through the online process and even deliver ready-to-go plants to your door. Just fill out an easy questionnaire about the room you see your future plant living in, whether or not you have kids and pets, and they take care of the rest.

To buy: Bloomscape.com, prices vary

Faucet Turned Fountain

This invention reimagines the regular bathroom faucet and improves the design with a clever lever, turning it into a drinking fountain aka "the most fun thing ever."

This hardware not only eliminates the use of disposable cups in the bathroom (how eco-friendly is that?) but the need for cups at all (saving more time and money from washing dishes extra cups) while encouraging extra sips of water to keep your little ones hydrated all day long. If the $500 price tag is too steep, check out this adapter that you can add to your existing faucet.

To buy: Nasoni, $500

Climbing Wall

For most of the country, weather poses a problem for active kids, but thanks to ingenious design ideas like these neutral-colored climbing holds, you can incorporate this fun feature without ruining the look of your home.

To buy: Metolius Wood Grips Climbing Holds, starting at $45

Easy Outdoor Access + Low Profile Furniture

Two things that make a living room more designer-chic but more livable for everyone in the family? A living room filled with low-profile furniture, whose walls literally open up to the backyard.

Low-profile furniture not only makes the room feel taller and airier, but the easy-on, easy-off access for kids means less help from parents to hoist their kids up and off the sofa. Add to that the ability to push open the walls and tell your kids to go play outside—all while being able to easily see them? Suddenly you've nailed that free-range parenting style all your friends are bragging they practice.

Elevated Kid's Art

Everyone might love a fancy piece of artwork, but the latest trend we couldn't love more is elevating our own kid's artwork to the coveted gallery wall. In 20 years, we all but guarantee you'll look more fondly at your child's interpretation of a rainy day than that reproduction art print any day.

Motion Sensor Lights

A little less decorative than our other trends, this soon-to-catch-on idea is something you'll wonder how you ever lived without, kids or no kids.

Stick these sleek and minimal looking LED-based motion lights along the hallway and along the stairs so that if someone wakes up in the middle of the night, they'll have an illuminated path—and reach their destination safe and sound.

To buy: Amazon, $17

—Andie Huber



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