Sure, you can teach your kids to go out and save the planet (or at least, plant a seed), but sometimes the only thing our future eco-kiddos want to do is watch TV. So why not let the screen guide them? Inspire the next generation with shows and movies that get even the littlest of kids thinking about the Earth—and their place on it.

Xploration Awesome Planet

Are your kids into blasting volcanos? Have they ever been curious about meteors? Tornadoes? Earthquakes? Follow Philippe Cousteau (grandson of famed explorer Jacques Cousteau) on his quest to document our planet’s most extreme events and landscapes. Watch bubbling lava flowing into the ocean, witness the eruption of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, and watch as scientists simulate the force of an Earthbound meteor strike. From majestic waterfalls to frozen tundras, the show praises both the natural violence and subsequent calm of Planet Earth.

Note: The show is part of the "Xploration Station" two hour syndicated block airing on Fox stations throughout the country. Check your local listings.

Ages: 7+

Where to watch: Fox networks, or

photo: Rotfeld Productions

How will you help the kids learn about our planet this Earth Day? Share with us in a comment below!

—Melissa Heckscher