Sure, you can teach your kids to go out and save the planet (or at least, plant a seed), but sometimes the only thing our future eco-kiddos want to do is watch TV. So why not let the screen guide them? Inspire the next generation with shows and movies that get even the littlest of kids thinking about the Earth—and their place on it.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That

The Cat in the Hat (voiced by Martin Short) takes sibling duo Nick and Sally on a journey around the world and across the solar system in a quest for knowledge. Zany adventures abound: Want to know what our skin looks like up close? Step inside the Shrinkamadoodle. Need to grow big? Try the Bigamabooble. The show introduces basic scientific concepts as Nick and Sally ask questions and follow clues to find the answer. Once they’re versed in the scientific method, ask your kids this one: Which came first: The Green Eggs or the Ham?

Ages: 3+

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photo: PBS


How will you help the kids learn about our planet this Earth Day? Share with us in a comment below!

—Melissa Heckscher