Sure, you can teach your kids to go out and save the planet (or at least, plant a seed), but sometimes the only thing our future eco-kiddos want to do is watch TV. So why not let the screen guide them? Inspire the next generation with shows and movies that get even the littlest of kids thinking about the Earth—and their place on it.

Wild Kratts

Curious how a mama crocodile protects her eggs from hungry egg-snatchers? Want to know how bees buzz? Kids ages four and up will love watching the Kratt brothers as they transform into all sorts of creatures. Chances are, a few episodes of this and your little zoologist will be shouting for a "Creature Power" suit of her own. Fun fact: The Kratts are real brothers—and real scientists. Chris Kratt has a bachelor's degree in biology and younger brother, Martin, has a degree in zoology.

Ages: 4+

Where to watch:

photo: PBS

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—Melissa Heckscher