Sure, you can teach your kids to go out and save the planet (or at least, plant a seed), but sometimes the only thing our future eco-kiddos want to do is watch TV. So why not let the screen guide them? Inspire the next generation with shows and movies that get even the littlest of kids thinking about the Earth—and their place on it.

Go, Diego, Go!

Animal-loving preschoolers will dig watching eight-year-old Diego Marquez (he's Dora's cousin) rescue a host of smiling, friendly jungle creatures. Of course, it's not all up to Diego: Little viewers will be asked to cheer, clap, and dance as Diego dodges rainforest obstacles and searches for animals in jeopardy. Each episode explores the habitat, lifestyle and quirks of various jungle animals while introducing kids to Latin American culture and (a few words of) the Spanish language.

Ages: 3+

Where to watch:

photo: Nick Jr.

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—Melissa Heckscher