Tax Day might be a dreaded date on your calendar, but you can get some relief from the deadline stress by taking time to enjoy your taxes today. Read on for seven ways to have fun with the kids and experience your tax dollars at work.

photo: klimkin via pixabay

1. Head to the public library! Check out a book or five, catch a story time. Without taxes, many public libraries could not stay open.

2. Ride the bus. Chances are your local town or city has a public transit system funded at least partially by taxes.

3. Visit a park and play on a playground. Both local and national parks require taxes to help operate them.

4. Eat some fresh produce. Many farmers receive tax subsidies in order to continue growing.

5. Bring cookies by the firehouse. Fire departments need taxes to keep their engines shiny and the brave fighters paid.

6. Say hello to a police officer and give them a thanks. They’ll likely let you peek inside the car (and they might even have a sticker). Taxes help fund salaries and pensions for firefighters and police officers alike.

7. Watch some road construction. Odds are your little one won’t mind stopping to watch an excavator or cement mixer hard at work in the cone zone.

What are some ways you like to enjoy your tax dollars working with the kiddos? 

—Amber Guetebier