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We all have dreams of sneaking in a shower (or even just an uninterrupted potty break!). If you’ve ever parked your kid in front of YouTube, you know how quickly a child can go spiraling down the deep dark world of the Internet.

Rest assured, technology now exists to save us: a kid-friendly Wi-fi network. The Plug n’ play hub is a wireless router for kids only. The tech company, Securly, developed this $100 router in hopes of bringing security and filtered content directly into homes. The CEO  of Securly, Vinay Mahadik, says he was inspired to create Plug n’ play when there were no secure safety nets for parents in the marketplace. Plug n’ play also searches social media sites for potential cyber bullying or self harm. To learn more, visit the Plug n’ play website.

Photo courtesy of Plug n’ Play


— Noelle Buckband

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