Sure your kids have hoverboards, virtual reality goggles, and LEGO sets you only dreamed of. But don’t forget, kid toys from the ’70s were cutting edge … in their day. So go ahead and relive those hours spent playing on the shag carpeting with this list of retro toys you’re sure to remember. Scroll down to see them all.

You totally beat Han’s 12 parsec Kessel Run record when you captained Kenner’s Millennium Falcon Spaceship. Every time.

You puckered up alongside Kissing Barbie and planted lipsticked kisses on your unsuspecting kid brother.

You used your Speak & Spell to practice spelling, but secretly wondered if it could really “phone home.”



You blasted Asteroids and conquered Space Invaders on your Atari 2600 every chance you got. Curious about other games kids played back in the day? Find more favorites here.

You went through all your Lite Brite peg sheets in one sitting and still wanted more. (Get the retro reboot for your kid on Amazon.)

photo: Allison Sutcliffe

You were always on the winning team when you played electronic football. 



Snoopy was always invited to chill at Barbie’s place when you mixed and matched your Colorforms. (Get the retro reboot for your kid on Amazon.)

If you concentrate real hard, we bet you can still conjure the smell of Strawberry Shortcake’s sweetly scented hair. 

You spun serious tunes on your Fisher Price record player. Jack & Jill, London Bridge and Edelweiss never sounded so good. 

You waffled between anticipation and terror every time you wound up Mattel’s Jack in the Box.

You never did answer the question “just how far can Stretch Armstrong stretch before he breaks?” But you got close plenty of times. (Get the retro reboot for your kid on Amazon.)

You chucked Nerf balls at your friend’s head … indoors!

At least once a summer you’d beg your parents to please, please let you and your friends make a cherry red snow cone with your own Snoopy SnoCone Machine (Get the retro reboot for your kid on Amazon.).

Shopping wasn’t your priority when you pulled out the Fisher Price Cash Register. Ringing up sales was. 

Strapping on skates and hitting the sidewalk was how you rolled on warm summer days. Psst ... find more nostalgic sidewalk toys here.

Your parents were swimming in key chains from all the Shrinky Dinks you colored, cut and baked.

When you played with your Fisher Price Sesame Street Playhouse, Mr. Snuffleupagus was still Big Bird’s imaginary friend.

You did your best Swiss Family Robinson impression every time you played with the Tree Tots Family Tree House.

Did your favorite childhood toy make it on our list? If not, what would you add? Share your favorites in a comment.

— Allison Sutcliffe


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