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Kidiosity was created to help strengthen families and help prepare children for success in life.  We offer a source of ideas for parents to engage, and spend quality time with, their growing children.  We want to be the answer to the question “what should I do with my kids today / this weekend / next week”? Here’s what we’re all about:

Activities to Do…Together – Each week, Kidiosity highlights new, fun, interesting activities for parents to experience with their kids.  We make it easy by providing step-by-step instructions and an innovative way to purchase materials with just a few clicks.  We make it educational and engaging by including talking points to illuminate learning opportunities.

Meaningful Topics to Discuss – Every day, we provide conversation starters that allow parents to connect with their kids in new and interesting ways.  Parents have the opportunity to share wisdom and life lessons, while engaging and learning from their kids.

Parenting Insights – We know parenting is hard. That’s why we also offer helpful resources.  Tips from other parents, interesting factoids, curated articles, and a few laughs, delivered daily to help parents make the most of these special days.

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-from Andrew Zurcher, kidiosity, llc
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