What’s a single dad to do when his brood is constantly trying to fix him up with eligible (or rather, eligible-ish) bachelorettes? Seth Megow’s kids want a mom. And they’re not going to stop until they find a suitable partner for him. Or at least, someone who says yes.

The single dad of four, and blogger behind Who Put My iPad in the Dishwasher, recently posted about his children’s match-making ways. As it turns out his family of four really, really, really want to find him a wife—so much so that they decided to gift dad a wide last Christmas as his present.

In a non-stop race to find their daddy a match, Megow’s children reportedly ask just about every woman they see if they want to marry their dad. Oh and this doesn’t mean that they only ask realistic, or even suitable, potential mates.

Megow details the time when his young daughter approached a teenage girl at the grocery store, practically begging her to marry him. He also notes that the girl’s dad wasn’t exactly thrilled at the thought of his teenager marrying a grown adult man.

But the proposals don’t stop there. Megow’s kiddos have asked everyone from moms at the park to women at his grandmother’s retirement home. And by women, we don’t mean the nurses or other caregivers. We mean the other senior residents!

As of now, Megow’s kids haven’t found him a wife. But it seems like that’s okay with him. After suffering from some mild anxiety and worrying that his kids were trying to fill a “mom void,” he realized that they just wanted him to be happy. Aww!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Deesha Chandra via Instagram 


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