As parents of super active kids, we’re more than a little relieved to see how those monstrous foam domes that passed as helmets during our childhood are being replaced with newer, safer, and more stylish designs that kids are actually excited to wear. Helmet manufacturers have totally stepped up to the plate too, continually reinventing the newest & coolest helmets for you to blow your paycheck on, all in the name of safety of course.

Below we’ve selected the latest crop of kids bike helmets on the market for your newbie cycling enthusiast. Whether they’re on a bicycle, tricycle, scoot bike, skatebaord or ride-along, rest assured your kiddo will be safe and stylish this season. Learn how to properly fit a helmet to your little rider here.

Pssst…Needs tips on getting your kiddos confident on a bike? Here are some tips from cycling experts on how to build a lifetime love of bicycles in your kids.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the skate park. $24.99 at Raskullz.

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