Got a little builder in your household? Tap into their love of all things construction and get them engaged in reading with a few of these books that they will definitely dig. From old classics to new favorites, we’ve got your blueprint for active imaginations and trucks, trucks, trucks. Click through the gallery to see them all.

I'm Dirty!

Age: 4-8

“Backhoe Loader, reporting for duty!” This chirpy little fellow loves his job, and proves it by clearing a junkyard as cheerily—and vocally—as he can. Dive deep into the world of construction trucks as you learn all the technical terms associated with backhoes: “Who’s got a boom, a dipper stick, and a bucket with a row of chompers? ME! And that’s just my rear end. Up front, I’ve got steel arms, hydraulic rams, and a specialized, maximized, giant-sized loader bucket!”

Available at, $6.99.

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—Emma Bland Smith & Amber Guetebier