It’s not really surprising that books like Alice and Wonderland, The Adventures of Narnia, and Harry Potter are so popular with young readers. Little kids really do believe in magic, and older ones want to still believe. Honestly, what’s not to love about a world where a wand does your bidding, unicorns roam the forest, and there’s a flying broom with your name on it? These 13 books, for ages three and up, celebrate kids’ delight in all things magical.


Age: 4-9

A frog finds a “Handsome Prince Spell” in a old book—with the instructions missing. By tearing out words and combining them in different ways, he eventually manages to make his dream come true (If only he’d read the small print: “Handsome Prince Spell will be reversed upon the kiss of a genuine princess.”). The fun involves spelling and wordplay, so this book will appeal to both beginning readers and kids learning their letters.

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— Emma Bland Smith