Wittlebee, a cool new mom-commerce site, has solved two major problems moms and dads face when outfitting their kids. Number one being annoyance at trivial logos and photos stamped on kids clothes. Yes, we mean those smiley faces or orange letters ruining  perfectly good tees. How many times have you spied a beautiful violet top hanging innocently in the sales rack, then you flip it around to find it has been defiled by something cheesy and totally not you? This is the same frustration new parents Sean and Laurie Percival, founders of Wittlebee, had when shopping for their first baby.

The second problem solved by Wittlebee: Shopping for little ones with your little one in-tow. You either drag the kids to the mall (we all know how much patience kids have for being hauled around a store that does not have toys or sugar) or you find some time (cause you have so much) to sprint out by yourself or steal a few naptime minutes for some online shopping. It’s sad to say, but shopping with kids usually makes for rushed purchases and meltdowns (for you and them!).

What’s the deal with Wittlebee?
Wittlebee is essentially a personal shopping service that muddles through the junk to ship you the best of the best kids clothes. Because kids are always growing, Wittlebee delivers a new box each month for $40. You will receive a combo of neutrals that easily mix and match to create fun outfits. A survey and a personal stylist will further assist you in customizing clothing choices for your kids, and don’t worry, you can pause or stop the deliveries at anytime.

This is the third recent start-up from Los Angeles incubator Science, headed up by former MySpace CEO, Mike Jones.

Online: wittlebee.com

–Katie Ludin