photo: BBC One Facebook page

Kids tend to have a different perspective on the world than adults do and it can often be very refreshing and eye opening. This adorable video of young friends describing their differences pretty much says it all when it comes to how kids see each other.

The kids in the video were all asked to describe what makes them different from their friends. For many, the immediate response might be to focus on outward appearances when it comes to comparing themselves with others. This group of young kids, however, hone in on what really makes us all different, like whether you enjoy lettuce or hate it, and the size of your toes.

The kids genuine reactions to the question are totally heart-melting and at the same time, really make you stop and think about how much simpler life would be if we all saw things the way kids do. Plus, those ridiculously cute British accents don’t hurt either.

What eye-opening thoughts have your kids dropped? Share them in the comments below.