Imagine a hospital where kids drive to surgery—themselves. Okay, so they’re not actually hitting the road IRL. But at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City is trying to make surgery less scary for their pint-sized patients. And here’s how!

Going into the OR is never easy. Not for an adult. And certainly not for a child. Being wheeled into a totally alien environment with machines and people dressed in gowns, masks and gloves is more than startling for most kiddos. Even though hospitals aren’t exactly “fun,” that doesn’t mean the trip to the OR can’t be (fun, that is).

Instead of hospital beds, INTEGRIS now uses remote control cars to move children from their rooms to the OR. The cars, donated by the sorority Delta Theta Chi, can help to reduce anxiety and make the children see the surgery in a positive light.

Oh, and this creative idea isn’t just for the patients themselves. Yes, the cars are super-helpful for the kids. But they also help the parents too. Seeing your child in the hospital is never easy for any parent. And watching them being wheeled into the OR, scared and crying, is almost unbearable.

The cars take some of the tension away, put smiles on the kids’ faces and make the process easier for the parents too. Riding in style to the OR might not completely take the challenges that being in the hospital present away. But it can make a sick child’s day easier. And that’s absolutely everything!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: sasint via Pixabay


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