Have you ever wondered why kids have so much energy? Um yeah, of course, you have. You’re ready to collapse and your littles are laughing their heads off, jumping from the sofa to the ottoman to the dog’s bedding all while pretending the floor is lava. Oh, and they’ve been awake for at least 10 hours already. Well, now science is giving us mamas a real reason why we feel like something out of The Walking Dead (and we’re not talking about a rad sword-wielding superwoman) while our kiddos are completely crazy with energy.

Recent research, published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, tackled this subject. More specifically, the researchers looked at how energy output and post-exercise recovery rates differed between children (young male participants ages 8 through 12), endurance athletes and adults who were not trained athletes.

photo: pexels.com

Each group of participants performed cycling tasks for the researchers to test. And what did they find out? Not surprisingly, the kids outperformed the non-athlete adults. The children were less tired during physical activity than the untrained (non-athlete) adults.

The researchers found that the children used more of their aerobic metabolism during activity tasks. Aerobic metabolism uses oxygen from the blood as a way of producing energy. According to the researchers, the increased use of aerobic metabolism helps to prevent the children from tiring during physical activity. Along with not tiring easily, the children also had a faster recovery time (following physical activity) than the non-athlete adults.

So what does this research mean to you, as a parent? Chances are you already had a feeling that your child has more energy than the average adult. And now you have actual proof!

—Erica Loop

photo: pexels.com


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