Jen Pinkston

Jen Pinkston is a fashion industry veteran, mom of two daughters and most recently the founder of La Paloma, a collection of better sleep and loungewear for kids.

Just like the Christmas lights my husband once left on the roof until July, my kids are notorious for rocking their holiday-themed sleepwear well past societal norms. Who can blame them? Cozy is cozy. However, fact: Those jack-o-lanterns just aren’t as cute in January. For optimal mileage out of your kid’s holiday pjs this year without having to eye roll when you see a Santa-Claus-clad child rounding the corner in February, consider these 5 super cute holiday prints that are more evergreen… pun intended.


I love a classic dot. It's fun and youthful, but doesn't scream, I belong to a six-year-old!

Cotton Nightgown in Evergreen Polka Dot

Does this come in my size?



I love that this print doesn't include any of the traditionally holiday color palettes, but still feels very festive.

Longjohn Pajamas in Floral Unicorn

Unicorns... but make them chic.



You can't go wrong with these simple waffle knit long johns. Custom chain stitching makes them extra special!

Thermal Long John Set with Custom Chain Stitching

Waffle knit for the win.



This red Scandi-print is so cute! It feels holiday, but also Valentine's-themed, fit for summer, etc. Basically these are year-round kid's pajamas!

Cotton Nightgown in Scandi Shapes

Seeing Red.



Longjohn Pajamas in Vintage Village

If Your favorite Vermont town was a pajama...

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If Your favorite Vermont town was a pajama it would be this one. It's so sweet and quaint and reminiscent of holidays past.