When Hillary Weidner posted a pic of her kiddos’ lemonade stand, the mom to three never expected what would happen next.

Weidner, and best friend Amanda Zerbe, have a combined six children. Zerbe’s five-year-old son Jack set up the stand over Labor Day weekend, and Weidner’s kids joined in on the fun. In 45 minutes the Weidner-Zerbe lemonade stand made a whopping $148.

Instead of using the money on toys and candy, the families decided to donate the earnings to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital—where Weidner’s oldest daughter Beatrice received a liver transplant. Born with a rare liver disease, Beatrice needed a transplant to thrive and survive. Luckily, her mom was a perfect match. Weidner told Good Morning America, “It was a crazy, traumatic, amazing experience.” She went on to add, “We owe so much to the hospital.”

The two moms decided to take a pic of their combined families with an over-sized check for the $148 donation. Weidner posted the photo on Instagram with a request for matching donations to the hospital via Venmo.

The photo, and request, went viral—with the donation total climbing to over $125,000!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Hillary Weidner via Instagram 



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