If your kiddo is bored with sandwiches, wraps are a great way to spice up a lunchbox routine. We have a slew of lunch ideas here, but for a fun new spin on this easy hand-held meal, try using a lasagna noodle to wrap vegetables, hummus, cheese or meat. Let’s face it, noodles are oodles of fun.


2 cooked lasagna noodles (the old fashioned kind)

2 slices cheese, mozzarella or Monterey jack

2 pieces of lettuce

2 thin slices turkey

2 thin pieces of salami


1. Lay the noodle out flat on a piece of plastic wrap.

2. Layer the cheese, lettuce and meats on top of the noodle, alternating end to end.

3. Roll up from the short end, then wrap in plastic wrap or secure with a toothpick.

This recipe courtesy of Chef Jen Carden, author of The Toddle Cafe. For more easy, kid-friendly recipes, as well as amazing food photography, visit her blog.