If there’s one thing your kiddo is passionate about, it’s ice cream. And sure enough — there’s always one flavor he or she really screams for. What does your kid’s favorite flavor say about them? You’re about to find out. In the spirit of making every last lick more fun, we did an unscientific study (aka: we totally made all of this up) and give you the scoop.

The Flavor: Rocky Road
What Your Kid is Saying: “I’m not afraid of anything. Bungee jumping? Bring it on! Off-roading? Yes, please. Skydiving? Of course. Well, wait — I’m not old enough for any of those things. So until I am, just check me out on the playground. I’m pretty good at scooting from the sandbox to the tube slide. And did you see my latest monkey-bar stunt?”


photo credit: wikicommons

The Flavor: Blue Moon
What Your Kid is Saying: “I’m a dreamer … a regular ol’ Captain Imagination. Sometimes, I think that clouds are made of cotton candy and that my teddy bear whispers me secrets at night. My future career is acting, so look for me on Broadway — or, for the time being, serenading strangers in the grocery store.”


photo credit: Steven Depolo via Flickr

The Flavor: Coffee
What Your Kid is Saying: “I’m seven going on 37. I have champagne tastes on a $1/week allowance budget. Also, I want to be just like Mom and Dad, and I know coffee is what makes them actually get up in the morning and move around the house and stuff like that.”


photo credit: Vegan Baking via Flickr

The Flavor: Cherry Garcia
What Your Kid is Saying: “Sometimes when I hear my grandparents talk about this festival called Woodstork or something, I think, oh man, that sounds like so much fun and I could totally wear a tie-dye T-shirt every day, and then they play a band called The Graceful Dad but I don’t know if the guy singing was even a real dad or what, but I heard he had a beard like Santa and was as popular as Justin Bieber. Anyway, I’ll eat his ice cream because I’d be silly to say no to fudge.”


photo credit: DVS via Flickr

The Flavor: Rainbow Sherbet
What Your Kid is Saying: “It’s too hard to pick just one color. Duh.”


photo credit: Ruth Hartnup via Flickr

The Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
What Your Kid Is Saying: “I am a Renaissance kid. I love the classics and am a bit old-fashioned. If you ask me to play Minecraft, I may say, ‘No thanks, I’m racing slot cars.’ If you offer me an iPhone, I will stick to my walkie talkie. If you suggest an IMAX movie, I will say, ‘Oh, I’m quite happy with my View-Master, thank you very much.’ Oh, wait — hold up. Who am I kidding? I just like chocolate chips.”


photo credit: Joshua Kirby via Flickr

The Flavor: Vanilla
What Your Kid is Saying: “Please don’t ask me why I’m just ordering vanilla. Please don’t ask me why I’m just ordering vanilla. Please don’t ask me why I’m just ordering vanilla …”


photo credit: Jeremy Tarling via Flickr

The Flavor: Bubble gum
What Your Kid is Saying: “You know Pharrell? I’m like him — happy. Smiling is my favorite.”


photo credit: Danielle Elder via Flickr

The Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
What Your Kid is Saying: “I don’t need anything too fancy. Remember how I walked away when you took me to that gelato place? One tub of this and I’m good for the day. What do you mean it doesn’t count as dinner?”


photo credit: Ukahbob777 via Flickr

The Flavor: Ice cream sandwich
What Your Kid is Saying: “Ha-HA! Tricked you! You thought I only liked ice cream by the scoop. Oooh, no. I’ll take my dessert any way I can get it — especially if it means I can go running out to the ice cream man.”


photo credit: Jen DeVere Warner

What is your kid’s favorite flavor of ice cream? Let us know in the Comments!

— Kelly Aiglon