This Sunday marks the 85th annual Academy Awards, and unless you’ve been able to sneak away to the movies in the oh-so-much free time you’ve had this year (haha yeah right!), you’re as clueless as we are about the Best Picture nominations. Sure, you’ve heard movie titles buzzing around the past few weeks as Hollywood ramps up for the big night, but how many of them did you actually get a chance to see?

Well lucky for you, we’ve got exclusive footage from all the Best Picture nominees for 2013. And what better way to get get the scoop on these amazing films than having them reenacted by adorable kids?

That’s right, watch the video below and get caught up on everything from Zero-Dark-Thirty to Django Unchained, all hilariously portrayed by some of the cutest kids we’re ever seen.

Now that you know what to expect from this year’s nominees, be sure to tune in to the Oscars this Sunday and see who wins!

What’s your vote for Best Picture this year? Which of these kiddo actors deserves an award for their hilarious performance?

— Scott Wardell