Looking for a way to spread a little joy to the world? Get ready to be inspired by Bay Area high school junior Arnav Mishra who started Pumpkin Letters as a way of connecting with senior citizens. He’s looking for kid volunteers and we’ve got the scoop on how your little ones can join in this rewarding program!

Back in April 2020, Arnav knew that his grandparents were really missing seeing his family. He and his little sister started writing letters and making cards for them. But he didn't stop there. He knew that there were other grandparents and seniors who were also missing their grandchildren due to COVID-19. That's where the idea of Pumpkin Letters came in. 

Pumpkin Letters encourages interested kids (and their grown-ups) to sign up as volunteers on the website. After that, Arnav will send over all the info you'll need to get started. He collects the completed letters and artwork, and distributes them to organizations across the country who support seniors. While the website says it's for kids ages 8-17, younger children are welcome to participate with a parent. 

Arnav hosts optional zoom meetings where kids get together to draw and write letters based on themes like seasons and upcoming holidays. So it's a fun experience for the volunteer kids, too! 

Since April 2020, Pumpkin Letters has sent out over 2,500 letters to seniors across the country. Ready to get involved? Sign up today and spread some sunshine, one letter at a time! 

Pumpkin Letters
Online: pumpkinletters.com

—Kate Loweth

Photos courtesy of Pumpkin Letters


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