Forget about all the speculation that Kim and Kanye would name their baby Louis or Vuitton. Despite a supposed baby name hint via Kim’s Instagram post of the iconic logo, the couple is absolutely not naming their third child after a brand. Instead, they’ve picked a city. More specifically, the Windy City.

Yes, it’s official. Kim and Kanye have named their baby girl Chicago West. Kim took to Twitter (because where else do celebs announce anything?), posting her daughter’s name, “Chicago West.” Not only did the Kardashian-West’s name pick shut down the Louis Vuitton theory, it also put an end to the idea that they only pick one syllable baby names (North, Saint). But then again, the new baby’s nickname

So where exactly did “Chicago” come from? Well, it is Kanye’s hometown. And it seems that the celeb couple aren’t exactly fans on plain Jane names. Even though neither Kim or Kanye has explicitly said why they picked little Chicago’s name, it’s a pretty good guess that they were looking for something that wasn’t exactly of-the-norm and had some sort of meaning for the family.

Obviously the Internet lit up with congrats, and plenty of opinions, on the baby’s name. This includes applause from a few famous “Chicago” names, such as NBC’s Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Chicago and Med.

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