They say it takes a village to raise child—and one residential company wants to help you build that village and provide affordable housing for families at the same time.

According to Forbes, Kin, a residential brand which is a partnership between real estate developer Tishman Speyer and the co-living company Common, plans to build complexes designed to meet the needs of families with kids. These housing complexes will be equipped with amenities specific to parents, like stroller parking areas and community spaces made for kids.

The actual housing units will also be built with families in mind. Baby-proofing, for example, will already be completed on move-in ready spaces. Other amenities will include family-friendly kitchens and regular cleaning services.

The thing that really sets Kin developments apart, however, is the concept of creating community among neighbors. Every resident will have access to an app which will notify them about community events in their buildings, like kids story times or birthday parties. The app will also partner with third party providers to feature childcare services on demand.

“Kin is designed to harness the power of the sharing economy to produce stronger communities, and more cost-effective and convenient childcare options,” explained Rob Speyer, dad and co-founder and CEO at Tishman Speyer.

While rent in these units is definitely market rate or higher depending on where you live, the company claims that the savings in childcare that parents will get through co-opted nannies will end up making the cost of living in the developments much less. Announcements on where Kin developments will roll out in cities across the United States is expected later this year. In the meanwhile the app will become available to residents in Tishman Speyer’s new 1,800-unit rental development in Long Island City, Queens, starting in May.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: kinfamilies via Instagram



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