A teenager offers skateboard tips to six-year-old Peyton at a skate park in Cambridge, Ont. in a recent handout photo. A southern Ontario mom is hoping to thank an anonymous teenage boy for helping break down gender barriers for her six-year-old daughter. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Jeanean Thomas


“Can I help you?” Four words from a stranger gave six-year-old Peyton Thomas the courage to accomplish the one thing she wanted most: mastering a skateboard. But when you’re six, and you’re a girl, and the skate park is filled with older boys? It can be pretty intimidating.

As it turned out, one of those intimidating older boys had a heart of gold: He spent an hour teaching Peyton the skills she needs to ollie with the best of ’em. Peyton’s mom is doing everything she can to seek out the teenager who helped Peyton. To her, this is a good deed that deserves public acknowledgment.

What a great reminder that “kids these days” can be pretty awesome! Check out her tweet below:

When have you experienced an unexpected good deed?

—Francesca Katafias