This simple craft is perfect for hostess gifts or for creating a fun accent for your side table.  If you aren’t comfortable painting your own lips, lip “kiss” stamps are available at craft stores everywhere.  Mwah!

You’ll need:
4×4 ceramic tile
Non-toxic ceramic paint (available at the craft store)
Sticky back felt
1/2 inch paint brush
Lip print stamp (optional)

Step 1: Paint your lips carefully with ceramic paint.  If you aren’t comfortable coating your lips with paint, use a lips print stamp.

Step 2: Kiss the tile carefully leaving a print.  Or use the stamp.

Step 3: Bake tile according to paint package instructions.  Remove from tile and let cool.

Step 4: Cut sticky back felt into 3.75 x 3.75 inch square.  Apply felt to the bottom side of the tile.  Press down well.

Step 5: Place cocktail on and enjoy!

Lifestyle maven Alexandra Hedin has been taking her know-how on cooking, decorating, and being the consummate hostess to the masses following the publication of her book Entertaining at Home. She’s a mom to three small kids and will be documenting the transformation of her new home into an expressions of her style on her blog.