KiwiCo recently announced a brand-new line—and it’s all for babies and toddlers!

The collection of early education options, called Panda Crate, is backed by research, developmentally appropriate and perfect for hours of hands-on learning fun. So what can you expect from this brain-building line?

Created in collaboration with researchers from the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Panda Crate is divided into five age bands: Birth through 2-months, 3 through 6-months, 7 through 12-months, 13 through 18-months and 19 through 24-months.

Panda Crate subscriptions start at $15.50 per month for 24 months (12 Crates). The service is also available in one, three and six crate options. And bonus, a portion of your purchase will help fund child development research! Check out Panda Crate here for more ordering information.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: KiwiCo via YouTube



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