What do you want for Mother’s Day? Flowers? Chocolate? A nice bottle of pinot? Even though these gifts are more than welcome, you probably wouldn’t say no to a little time off. And now Kraft wants to pay for it!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Kraft is paying your babysitter bill though its “Mother’s Day Away” promotion. This means you can have a kid-free afternoon at the spa (using the gift certificate your S.O. scored) or go out for an adults-only dinner with the girls.

Sergio Eleuterio, Head of Marketing for Kraft said, in a press release, “Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate Mom in all of her greatness, but we know the holiday doesn’t stop the challenges of motherhood—temper tantrums, sleepless nights and picky eaters.” Eleuterio went on to add, “With Kraft “Mother’s Day Away” we are giving moms across the country the chance to have what they secretly really want: some time for themselves.”

To qualify for this promotion visit Kraft’s “Mother’s Day Away” website and upload your babysitter bill receipt. Kraft will pay for up to $100 in sitter costs, with a total of $50,000 available for all mamas across the country.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of Kraft



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