It’s pretty rare that we get a glimpse of Kristen Bell’s daughters as the celeb mama is famously fiercely protective of her fam. (And she totally should be.) But the mommy-daughter trio did make a rare appearance on Dax Shepard’s Instagram page—and it looks like they may have traveled back in time?

Raise your hand if you remember the family station wagon. You know, the one that you sat huddled in the back of with your five cousins and no seat belts? Yeah, that one. Well Shepard caught a sweet pic of his girls scoping out a vintage ’80s wagon—and all in matching denim outfits, no less.

Captioning the post, “Denim on denim on denim on denim on denim on denim on denim gawking at a hot rod wagon,” Shepard showcases wife Bell with daughters Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 4. As usual, fans only get to see the girls from the back. Like other social media posts featuring their daughters, both Bell and Shepard shield their kiddos from the public eye. (And Bell has no problem confronting nosy paparazzi and demanding they delete any photos they chance of their kids, too.)

So back to the photo…that’s a whole lotta denim. It seems like all that’s missing from this photo is Marty McFly. Even so, you have to love coordinating mommy-daughter ensembles—especially when they’re so retro chic!

—Erica Loop



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