It’s no big secret that Kristen Bell’s kids are never in the public eye. She and actor-husband Dax Shepard are fiercely protective of their kids—Bell even went all mama bear on a way too nosy paparazzo at her kids’ school. You’d think that with the paparazzi so close on her heels, her kids might have figured out they weren’t like other families, but only recently did Bell’s 5-year-old daughter Lincoln realize her parents are actually famous.

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Bell admitted, “Because my kids do, as any monkeys do, understand a hierarchy, and they understand that we receive special treatment sometimes or, rather, that things are easy for us.”

And how do Bell and Shepard, deal with the fact that they get the special celeb treatment? Bell added, “So we do remind them a lot when we receive special treatment, and say, ‘This is special treatment, this is not normal.’ We constantly remind them how lucky we are. We never let them take it for granted—not even the fact that we can pay our bills.”

If you’re wondering how Bell and Shepard’s kiddos figured out that their parents aren’t exactly your average mom and dad—well it happened, rather recently. Reportedly, Lincoln asked Shepard if people listened to his podcast to hear him or his producer Monica Padman. Shepard told his daughter that listeners tuned in to hear both of them, but that they probably recognized his name. (That is, because he’s famous.) And how did their daughter respond?

According to Bell, Lincoln asked, “You’re famous?” This was followed by a brief explanation by Shepard about why people ask him “and Mommy” for pics when they’re out in public places.

Adorably, Lincoln’s response was priceless: “Mommy’s famous?!”

Photo: Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television via YouTube

Oh you sweet, summer child. Just wait until she learns about Veronica Mars.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Kristen Bell via Instagram 



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