She’s an actress, a mama and apparently a really, really, really nice person. Yep, Kristen Bell bought out an entire screening of Love, Simon. Announcing her idea on Instagram, Bell posted, “Dear Minneapolis, Simon came out, so I’m buying out! Love, Kristen.” As if that’s not awesome enough, check out why Bell made this super-generous gesture!

So why did Bell buy out an entire theater? Well there’s the obvious—that everyone should have the chance to see this fab film. More specifically, Bell posted on IG, “Love, Simon is a KNOCKOUT. There are so many important stories that don’t get made. I am so grateful this one did.”

Love, Simon is much more than your average romance movie. The recently-released film chronicles the fictional Simon Spier, a 17-year-old boy who is gay. Even though the title character knows who he is, Simon hasn’t acknowledged his openly-acknowledged his sexuality. In other words, he’s yet to come out to his friends and family.

At the same time, he’s also trying to sleuth his way to figuring out the true identity of an anonymous love who he fell for online. Based on Becky Albertalli’s novel of the same name, Love, Simon is much more than your average teen movie.

Oh, and don’t go thinking that Bell somehow profits from this. She’s not in the film and had nothing to do with its making. In her words, “I just have a huge crush on it and I’d like to share the love.” Nice! Bell hasn’t been the only one buying out theaters. Celebs such as Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer also gave the gift of Love, Simon for free, according to Billboard.

What’s your favorite romance/coming of age movie? Share your topic pick with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Kristen Bell via Instagram


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